Boxing gyms in West Yorkshire have become more diverse in recent years since boxers of different ethnic backgrounds have joined the clubs (England Boxing, 2018).This research examined the views of boxers on ethnic diversity and how these were influenced by the environment in their boxing gym. This small-scale qualitative research used narrative inquiry to examine the views of five boxers of different ethnicities using a focus group and semi-structured interviews. The boxers were questioned on their motivation, discipline and views on ethnic diversity before and after they were members of the same club. The data shows that they did not consider ethnic diversity an important aspect in their lives before they joined the club. However, having been part of the boxing culture for many years, their thinking and actions changed. This research suggests boxers are initially motivated by their personal goals which lead them to learn and practice self-discipline because it is seen as the way to reach their goals. Their intense focus on goal seeking has relaxed their views on ethnic diversity so that differences in ethnicities were overlooked due to the common and personal goals of the boxers.


boxing, gyms, excercise, West Yorkshire, ethnicity, diversity

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Mohammed S. (2019) “Ethnic Diversity in Boxing: To what Extent is a Boxing Club in West Yorkshire Affecting Young People’s Views on Ethnic Diversity?”, Fields: journal of Huddersfield student research. 5(1). doi:





Shahid Mohammed (University of Huddersfield)

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